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"Geometry of Life" new collection from Ihor Gnativ.

Ihor - I was inspired to create a series of paintings "Geometry of Life" by the phrase "Alpha and Omega". Phrase that is associated with God in the New Testament. It reminds man that both the creation of the universe and the completion of human history are under God's authority. The ball in my paintings best symbolizes alpha and omega. The spherical shape of the sphere has no beginning or end, human life is immortal, it is the most valuable gift we have been able to receive from the universe, namely from God.


The philosophy of my work depicts just that, no matter who you are in life, man or woman, poor or rich, black or white (so the figure of a man in my paintings "Geometry of Life" without a face). What's important that you received the gift of life, it only depends on you, how you will live this life and which days there will be more white or black in it. Our life can be interpreted by the expression "From alpha to omega" - The beginning and the end of our existence. The most important thing for us is the essence of life, its process.







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