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Embroidery, hyper-realism and deity in the form of an ears: how Ukrainian artists promote art.

This year's exposition presented more than 100 works by 40 Ukrainian artists and artists working in different style styles and genres: painting, graphic arts, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textiles, as well as embroidery, subject design, street art, installation and video art.


"My paintings are hyper-realism," says the young Ukrainian artist Igor Gnativ, "this style is not yet well developed in Ukraine, while abroad it is a very well-known trend.

It is said that it is only possible to learn their culture best by studying others. So I was interested in the culture, life and ornamentation of Aborigines. I was always struck by their identity and love for nature. Sometimes a hard and unfair destiny. I want people to see in my works not only differences, but also common and universal: kindness, sincerity, frankness. "


In this exposition Igor presented 3 canvases.

from left to right 1. "Stolen Childhood" 2. "Harmony" 3. "Struggle for life"
from left to right 1. "Stolen Childhood" 2. "Harmony" 3. "Struggle for life"

"Harmony" - zebra is a symbol of harmony. That's how I wanted to portray it. Quiet, but free and alive. Warm not only in the gamut, but also in the look.

"The Struggle for Life". What does this boy think about? About tomorrow? Where to find clean water and food? While we force ourselves to go to school or an institution, choosing between tea and coffee in the morning - these children can not afford the right to choose.

"Stolen Childhood". My, perhaps, the most dramatic work. A little boy with a traditional ornament on his face and a broken lip. Look at the look. What do you see? I see a devoted childhood. I see despair and fatigue. I do not see a baby.

Last time Lviv Art Days took place in October. The project aims to popularize contemporary Ukrainian art.


Source - gazeta ua by Mariana Chorneyevich.

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