Olia Shul'


The art space around an artist is built on a combination of painting and design of clothing. And this is no accident, Olia has got professional education, in 2009 entered in Lviv college of decorative and applied arts named after I. Trush on the department of clothing modeling. Thanks to the specialty of the faculty, she experimented a lot with the forms and materials, seeking her own approach to the design and modeling of clothing.
But the world of her interests went far beyond the views of narrow professional. As a good painter, Olia Shul was fascinated by the art of modernism, giving preference to abstract art. Within all the abstract art spectrum she chose "abstract post-expressionism". Appeal to this manner is a philosophical choice of the artist, not a pioneer experiment. It was in the abstract that Olia Shul' found her own personal style.
In parallel with the "abstract post-expressionism", the artist is engaged in the design of clothing, which is often combined with prints created on the basis of compositions of her paintings, and combining the impression from the works of other artists and graphic-calligraphists.
The technique of performing her paintings consists in experimenting with the flow of paint, spreading in different directions with expressive dynamics. The artist believes that abstract painting can be a kind of portal for consciousness, showing the world the world, cleared of details and phenomena.

Her work is in private collections in the USA, China, France, Sweden, Monaco, Luxembourg, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Italy, Germany.