Ihor Gnativ


According to encyclopedia information, Hyperrealism is a trend in painting and sculpture that arose in the United States and became quite popular in the world of fine art of the 70s of the XX century. Another name for hyper-realism is photorealistic.
Artists in this direction imitating pictures by means of paintings on canvas. They depicted the world of a modern city: shop windows and restaurants, metro stations and traffic lights, residential buildings and street walkers. In this case, special attention was paid to shiny, reflecting the light of the surface: glass, plastic, polishing cars, and more. The game of reflection on such surfaces creates the impression of interpenetration of spaces. The goal of hyper-realists was to portray the world not only reliably, but also very realistic. To do this, they used mechanical methods of copying photos and increasing them to the size of a large canvas (dioproject and large-scale grid). The paint, as a rule, was sprayed with an airbrush to preserve all the peculiarities of the image, to exclude the manifestation of the individual handwriting of the artist.
How did Igor Gnativ come to the art of hyper-realism? He was born in the city of Zolochiv, and from an early age he began to draw. He graduated from Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named after I. Trush on the Department of Restoration of Works of Painting, where he joined in 2011. After receiving a bachelor's degree, he continued his studies at the Lviv National Academy of Arts at the Department of Sacred Art. Professional education gave him experience and contributed to the development of art.
His enthusiasm for hyper-realism began with a rather detective story, as described by Igor Gnativ himself: "My story began in 2015, when a grief-businessman contacted me through social networks, and offered to perform a deep-seated work on photographs. Of course, this gave me a great deal of experience, I managed to declare myself, orders have grown. I liked the process, and even more result, in contrast to the businessman-customer. However, I faced humiliation with contempt for my work, but the worst thing was that "horrible pictures" were taken away and not paid. A few years later,
I accidentally learned that these works represent a gallery in Monaco under alien names in various world galleries and at world art fairs: 1.MOSCOV (2018) 2.CONTEMPORARY URBAN ART SECTION IN PARIS (2018). 3.LUXEMBOURG (2018). 4.Art NEW YORK (2018). LATVIA 5, 19TH-22TH OF APRIL (2018). And I also became aware of their sale on the world art market under the anonymity of Max Ray and Bertha Belis. "
Therefore, having a remarkable experience, the young artist comfortably feels in the style of hyperrealism. He is the author of the series "The World Inside." As a hyper-realist in his work, he resorted to the excessive detail of each fragment. The color palette is rich in shades and tones.
It is known that his works are in private collections in the USA, China, France, Sweden, Monaco, Luxembourg, France, Ukraine, Belgium, Italy, Germany. 
At the moment, the young artist is working on creating his own gallery "Gnativ Gallery", hoping for the great support and success of his talent fans.