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The Story of Gnativ Gallery

Beholden to Art

The idea of its creation arose in 2019 and had various reasons. A good reason was the desire to familiarize the viewer on the site with the works of art of young Lviv artists, with their new achievements, new experiments, etc., and to have the opportunity to popularize their work. Another, no less important motivation, was the desire to protect themselves from the dishonest "collectors" of contemporary art, the so-called mediators, at a time when a lot of offers and demand for the interior of various artistic products appeared on the art market of the country.

We are working on creating a collection of artistic works and attracting such young artists as Igor Gnativ, Olia Shul’, Kristina Bondaruk, Liliana Kharkovska.

Our authors are talented masters, laureates and participants of national and international exhibitions who are looking for their own way in art.

Our main goal is to popularize artistic works created in different genres and styles by Ukrainian artists. We invite all who are not indifferent to Ukrainian art, who cares about his current state and trends that characterize him.

In the activities of our gallery, we also pursue the goal of creating a collection of oil paintings (and other materials) that hopefully will satisfy your need for painting to decorate an interior or a real gift for loved ones.

The presented collection is a collection of various achievements of young artists from the western regions of Ukraine

Our paintings are high-quality works of talented start-up artists or recognized artists, made with various high quality oil, acrylic paints on canvas.

We hope that the presented works on the site will find a worthy place in your home (cottage, office) and heart!

Team "Gnativ Gallery"